Birthday Parties

A typical question in my house when my children have been invited to a birthday party is, “where is the party taking place?”  Do you hear that question too?  This question points once again to our selfish nature.

A birthday is a big deal for a child (and for some adults, too!).  We should remind our kids that when he or she is invited to a party its’s not  about where the party will be, but about honoring a family member or friend.  They should attend the party because the person having the birthday chose them to be part of their birthday celebration and not based on where the party will be held.  It’s not about how entertained our children may be at the party but about recognizing someone special on their birthday.

My girls have a tendency to base whether they would like to attend on who is going to be there.  Will they feel comfortable with that dynamic of girls?  I know girls and their emotions, but teach them any dynamic is possible to cope with for a short time.  It may not always be comfortable but again, it is not about them!

Others first, teach this to your children, and you will be amazed at the servant attitude they will develop.

Galations 5:13b  “…..but by love, serve one another.”