3 AM Feedings

I thought I would share some wisdom that a dear friend shared with me fifteen years ago.  Tracie told me when I had my first baby girl, to view the middle of the night feedings as a special time just between my daughter and I .  She told me to use the quiet time when I was feeding in the middle of the night to pray for  my daughter. 

I was so thankful she shared that with me.  Believe me, I love to sleep and all I wanted to do at 3 am was go back to bed.  But I started praying in wee hours of the night and I was amazed at how differently I looked at those middle of the night feedings.  I sat there amazed at first how quiet my house could be and then began to feel so thankful that I had that time with Katie.

Tonight when it’s time to feed, think about coming to God and sharing all of your hopes and dreams for your little one.  Before you know it, you’ll be resting again in His presence.