No Worries Mom

So, I am so sorry that I did not blog on Monday.  It is my hope to stay consistent but sometimes life takes over and my thoughts cannot make it to the written page.

So tonight my faith was tested again, I thought something was going to happen but it did not.

My family is going to Haiti in November to help the Hands and Feet Orphanage.  We have been so excited about going.  We are taking our three oldest children.  We have been praying and trusting the Lord to help us figure out ways to raise our support.  We leave in 32 days, and we are half way there.

Last night we found out that the airfares had gone down and we would save $1000 on our trip cost.  We were so elated when we got the news.  Well this morning, we found out that the flights at that price were gone.  I was sad and very frustrated.

I was making dinner and crying just thinking about Haiti.  (I just know we are supposed to go)  My daughter came into the kitchen as I was trying to figure out what God was doing, HaHa.

She said, “You know Mom, God already told us we were going, so He will provide!”

Then she said, “Mom, this is just another test.”

I thought, I don’t want another test.  It’s often these times in life when God is trying to teach us a big lesson.  We want to see with our eyes when God is just asking us to trust with our heart.

Once again, my child was the teacher.