Change Their Prespective and Change Their Life

I am trying to teach my children to look outside the box.  My son had a sports camp this summer.  He was all geared up to learn some new techniques and practice some of the old ones.  When he arrived at camp the venue was bustling with lots of kids.  (this is not very comforting to my son, he prefers a much smaller group)  He went out on the court and gave 100% because he loves to play.  After camp he got in the car and expressed his disappointment at the number of kids at the camp.  Then I had a revelation!

I told him to try to think outside the box.  Yes, he was at the camp to improve his skills but that was not the only reason and probably not the most important one!  I told him he was there to encourage his fellow campers.  Maybe there was one camper who was discouraged and not loved at home.  This was his opportunity to show God’s love just by telling him “good job” or checking on him if he was injured during play.  I also explained to him that his coaches needed to be encouraged.  He could thank them several times throughout the day and give 100% during camp to show how much he respected their direction.

There are many days when we think we are just going here and there for a specific reason but God has other plans.  You may be sitting for hours at that ball game, not only to watch your son or daughter, but to encourage that parent sitting next to you.

Look for the stuff outside the box!!!!

His ways are higher than our ways…….(“God is in Control” – Truth)