Camp and Grace

Lauren went to camp about 2 weekends ago.  They learned about God’s grace.

She came back glowing because of the friends she made, the fun she experienced and the lessons she learned.

She explained to me that she now understood that God’s grace was greater than she could have ever imagined.  She now knew that God’s grace was something she had to share with others.  It made her feel so free.

She needed to be a pipe she learned, and not a bucket.  It was her job to let the grace of God flow through her and flow out to others around her.  She decided that she did not want to be a bucket that just received God’s grace and then kept it for herself.  She wanted to share what she learned with her friends and that was exciting to hear.

I am so thankful she had this amazing weekend to focus on the greatness of God & His grace that is with her everyday.

I was reminded when I was listening to Lauren that our kids are forming new opinions and convictions everyday as they experience God’s grace.

Our kids are sponges and soak up life with great depth.  Our words pierce their souls and need to be chosen carefully.