A Christmas Moment

IMG_8853I am glad to be writing again!  Crazy and overwhelming circumstances(that I will share in later posts) this past month have caused me to take a break from my blog. I have learned to trust God more and understand that I am not in control but He is.

I have been saving this Christmas moment since last year, I am excited for you to read it!

Do you remember a moment during the holiday season when you really felt like it was Christmas?  When my sister-in-law asked me this question on the 22nd of December I answered, “No”.  It was not until I went to church on Christmas Eve that I had that “moment” that she was referring to.

Ryan, my youngest son, was holding a candle at the Christmas Eve service.  In effort to keep Ryan from catching something on fire, I knelt down next to him.  We began to sing, “Come Let Us Adore Him”.  Just then, my other sons, Josh and Jake, knelt down next to us.  I thought how appropriate for us to be kneeling while worshiping Jesus.  About 2 minutes later,  a little girl in front of us turned and faced us.  With her candle shining on her face, she stared at us.  (I had never met this little girl) After about a minute, looking like an angel still facing us, she reverently knelt down too.

This was the Christmas moment in my eyes that my sister-in-law was speaking of.

Do you have a Christmas moment you would like to share?  Take the time to comment back.  I am sure your moment will bless someone in ways that would be hard to describe.