My fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Gracey, was one of those rock star teachers.  She was hands down, the best teacher I ever had.

She had us do an activity called, The Squiggle Book.  Every week she would draw “a squiggle (a straight line with a curly cue on the end, or maybe a line that looked like a snake) and we would have to illustrate a picture out of that squiggle and then write a story about our picture.

I am a homeschooling mom and I am so thankful for the concept of the Squiggle Book.  If you want to help your child become a better writer, this is a wonderful activity.  I have been doing these books with my children for 13 years and it really improves their grammar, writing skills, & drawing creativity.

Ryan our now 6-year-old gave me some great insight the other day that was a life lesson for me to say the least.

Ryan was creating his illustration and I noticed, like so many other days, that he was really getting caught up in the “creating” of his drawing.  He was drawing a picture with so much detail that I had a difficult time making out what the picture really was.

I said to him, “I really like your drawing but I am having a hard time telling what you have drawn today.”

“Really try to make it clear so your reader can know exactly what you have drawn”, I gingerly told him.

Then he replied, “Mom, I can just tell them what it is!”

With my great insight and wisdom, I said, “Well, Ryan, what if you are not here when they are looking at your picture?”

Then with a look like well duh Mom, he replied, “They can just read what I wrote below the picture and then they will know!”

He was right!

How often does the Lord just say to us, read my promises in the Bible, you may not see the whole picture but trust the words that I have written.  They will give you insight beyond your years, comfort that you can’t explain and the will and hope to move forward without hesitation.

Know today that our God is bigger than we anything we may face.  He knows our path, we  have to trust Him in the journey