this IS a new day!

Good Morning.  This morning the verse, “This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it“, keeps coming into my thoughts.

It’s hard sometimes for me to wake up and think, today is going to be so different from yesterday.  I look at my schedule and think, yes, this is a typical day.

Breakfast, home school, haircut, voice, tap, company tonight and the list goes on.

(I put it in pink because I am trying to make my day look different already)

Sam just came up and gave me a kiss, now that was not expected!


What is it that you have been thinking about for the past couple of weeks?  You keep thinking, I have got to get this done but I just have not had the time?

I just realized we don’t have a moment, we have to take a moment otherwise, it will not happen.  Sit down today, even if it’s just for 30 min.  Take time to think and ponder.


Do it today!  I know for me, the task always seems bigger in my head than it usually is.

If it’s a task that could take you a while, at least just sit down and jot something on a paper to say you have begun.  Lock yourself in your room for an hour and tell your children you have got to have some time to create.  Say create, because that word makes your children think, she is not trying to just get away from me, she is actually doing something in there that is great! (and you are)


As a parent, we get so wrapped up in the schedules that we have set up, that we rarely take a moment to just stop. We have got to make this choice.

I heard recently that our brain likes to keep the same routine everyday.  If you are trying to do something that requires out of the ordinary thought, it does not like it. I thought this was very interesting.  Make your brain mad today!

Make this day count!