A Wild Summer

Looking back, I never dreamed this summer would be gone so quickly.  I had the best intentions to write like crazy this summer but it just did not happen.  I find myself now going, “How can I start again, will I be able to write  a blog that is meaningful, what will I write, will my readers want to listen?

All of thoughts and questions that keep flooding my mind are just fear.  I know I just need to write and stop letting the lack of blog posts lately flood my mind, so here goes.

With the busyness of the summer comes a lot of memories.  I am so thankful for the wonderful times with my family this summer.


My boys have grown up.  My girls are now becoming mini women. My husband is just as wonderful as ever, just a little gray hair has crept on his head lately but he still looks as “Hot” as ever.

I have many stories to share from our summer experiences but today I felt like I just needed to hopefully encourage you.

Today you may be facing a crisis, tending to a sick child, looking for a place to live, searching for money to pay the bills, wondering about the future, grasping for the words to say to your husband or child or just wondering if you are significant.

Tony Evans, a great preacher out of Dallas, said, “The tiniest thing can be what God uses to change your whole life.”

Your life matters!  No really, Your LIFE MATTERS.

Psalms 139:       “You are fearfully and wonderfully made”


We snapped this picture a couple weeks ago in Mobile, AL.  It was a beautiful church downtown and it reminded me of the beauty of God.