I feel like we are in a full sprint every minute of the day!

So I find myself wondering what room am I going to pack next.  So many boxes and so little time.

We are moving in less than 2 weeks now and the reality has set in.

Jeremy and I were having our morning meeting on Tuesday and he read something that I need to here!

Don’t so focus on what you love to do

That you neglect what needs to be done!

I thought about how I much rather would be shopping right now for furniture for the new house or designing a room but I have got to stay focused!

This was a great reminder for our kids too.  They do not realize how fast these next two weeks are going to fly.  I sometimes want to shout, Do you think this place is going to pack up itself!

I started thinking too about our everyday life and the responsibilities we have. I shared this quote with my girls too because in the midst of the move, they have tons of homework and activities.  The TV has to be turned off,  the computer powered down, and instagram craziness halted.

  The tape and boxes need to take center stage.

God grant us grace.  He is our provider, not anything or anyone!