“Speak Life” Everyday


My kids love to listen to the song “Speak Life” by TobyMac.  When it comes on the radio, they get so pumped and sing along every time.
This song is such a great reminder about the importance of speaking life into our children.
When we see something they are doing “right” , we always try to recognize it by saying something to encourage that behavior to continue.
“Fuel for the soul” is a great way to think about it.  When we comment how pleased we are with our children’s behavior, they naturally want to repeat that action.
Ryan offers a lot of wisdom to our family.  We often tell him how his words are so profound and helpful.  Let me tell you, every time someone has a problem, Ryan will listen and try and give a word of advice that is usually beyond his years.
We have encouraged him to tell us what he thinks and therefore he has confidence to speak his opinion (even when we don’t ask for it!).
Words that will encourage and help our children to become the men and women God has intended them to be is not only needed but expected from our Heavenly Father.  He has entrusted these little gems in our care.
May we be that voice that speaks life into our kids.