Haiti 2014 – Part 1


We arrived home from another trip to Haiti June 10th.   We wanted to stay and not return home. (although there were two little Breland boys, we couldn’t wait to see). We left our house June 3rd at 3:15 am with great anticipation and excitement.   Many old and new faces greeted us when we arrived at the airport.  We weren’t sure what new challenges or blessings this team of 28 would bring.

Our team consisted of musicians, scientists, surgeons, builders, teachers, a graphic designer, managers, moms, an etiquette consultant and an accountant.  And how can we forget, the group of 10 unbelievable children that were such an important part. IMG_1070 It was so fun as the gates of Hands and Feet opened to reveal some of the most beautiful children in the world.  Many of them were in their study groups when we arrived.  I couldn’t help but wave and call out many of their names.  Some of them were shy while others smiled and waved back to me.  (I am crying right now remembering the sight.) IMG_1606IMG_1212IMG_0835IMG_0289 As the days went on and we were able to talk one on one with this amazing group of people, our lives were changed.  Their kind hearts were a true reflection of their Creator.  They all served in different ways but, in like fashion as they all desired to bring glory to the name of Jesus.  What a beautiful picture they all displayed of the love of Christ. This is my sweet Mom with the cooks in the kitchen.  What a wonderful time they had dancing and serving together each day. IMG_0185 When Josh saw one his best friends, Stanley, they hugged each other with big smiles on their faces, it was so awesome. IMG_8793 Lauren saw one of her favorite boys and, well came unglued. IMG_8730 Katie smiled as many of the girls she taught dance to the year before hugged her for the first time in 357 days. IMG_0821 The Lord worked in such a mighty way.  There was not a day that went by that the Lord didn’t surprise me.  He opened some doors for ministry that I did not see coming.  I can’t wait to share more of what happened on this amazing trip in Part 2 (my tear ducts need a break for now)!