How to Speak

How many times has someone asked you about your child?  Do you automatically start telling about what sport or activity your child is currently involved in?  We often forget that we should not define ourselves or our children by what they do but by who they are!

What kind of character or standards do they live by?  These are the things we should talk about (things they should hear us talking about).  We do not want our child to answer the question who am I with , “Oh, I am a dancer or a soccer player.”  That is not who they are, that is something they do!!!  The activities that they do will someday, probably very soon, fade away.

When we speak about our children let’s try to say, “My second born is full of spunk, she is going to change the world!”  “She has a strong opinion but I believe if focused in the right direction, she will accomplish great things.”  Wouldn’t you want to be described like that instead of, “My daughter plays soccer and runs track.”

How are we speaking about our children?