Growing Up and Learning to Like It.

Watching five kids grow up is so crazy. I have been so blessed to watch them grow up to be so beautiful inside &out.

I don’t always have these warm fuzzy feelings but tonight is different. I am watching my fifteen year old beauty dance. I remember watching her at the age of four flutter like a butterfly across the stage in her ballet class. She was so excited as she turned with her arms all crazy up in the air. Tonight she bends & moves in ways I never thought were possible. Her arms are in perfect line as she leaps effortlessly leaps through the air. Her face shinning & making me smile inside & out. I can’t believe my baby girl is 15!

I am reminded that my little girl is not little anymore. She is changing but growing into something greater than I could have ever imagined.

Our children are changing but not our heavenly father, He never changes! In this world of uncertainty I am sure of one thing, He is amazing and is with me no matter what I face in life. He is my rock, my constant life jacket in merky waters. In Him, I have life & life more abundantly.

No matter what we are facing with our children; great seasons, tough seasons, or uncertain ones, God is in control. He will give us the wisdom to know how to move within our season. Our strength will come from Him as we press into His glory.