Although I had only talked to her briefly from time to time at church, I knew Beth was a special lady because of my interaction in Sunday school with her son Ethan.

Words cannot express my deep sadness for our 4th grade student Ethan Pflug.  Ethan lost his mother to cancer yesterday.  She had been battling breast cancer for the past couple of years.

I know his mother was a great woman because I have watched her son over the past year and have seen a loving child with a sensitive spirit and a heart for God.

Ethan has a rare joy about him.  He is always smiling.  He has sacred delight. (Applause of Heaven by Max Lucado)

Sacred Delight – A joy that comes from the knowledge that you have Jesus in your life.  No matter what situations you are facing in life, you are joyful just because you know Jesus.  Ethan has this joy!

Today I honor his mother, Beth.  I know she is with Jesus but she will be missed by her son Ethan.

****I couldn’t help but post this again because this I am sure was the story of Beth’s life as a mother.