When I say PERFECT these days, I am usually it to describe the trip our family took to Haiti 5 weeks ago.IMG_4585

67 unbelievably beautiful Haitian children.



A trip with my husband, our two girls, our oldest son, and my mom.


A week of service and adventure


Beautiful landscape


Great food!  Two wonderful Haitian ladies cooked for us each day.  What a treasure it was to meet them and be able to spend time getting to know them.  My mom especially reached out to these two women.  It was awesome to watch.

No sickness (just one awful bug bite that left my foot swollen for 8 days)

Beautiful weather


A wonderful team (10 kids & 16 adults) Having the kids there made the trip so wonderful for the kids at Hands and Feet

IMG_5305 2


A hammock on the top of a building that made the evenings so relaxing


The love that our children had for the kids in Haiti was so incredible.  They held little ones and played with the older children just like they had known them all of their lives.


Katie was able to hold dance classes for the little girls who wanted to participate.  A company called The Traveling Tutu’s had just made a donation to Hands and Feet weeks before we arrived so the girls had outfits and ballet shoes to wear during their classes.  It was a precious sight.


One of Josh’s new friends, Stanley.  Josh would wait by the gate for Stanley to come home from school each day.  They would walk with their arms around each others shoulders while Stanley would talk to him about his day.  It was precious.


Long hikes in the beautiful mountains


We were so blessed that we were able to take this trip .  The Lord did a work in all of us.  Our children are already saving to go back next summer.


A video that was released called “Kings and Queens” by Audio Adrenaline that features many of the children from Hands and Feet.  Check it out here, it is awesome!

One last picture I could not resist.  This is JoLande.  A beautiful four-year old with a “spicy” personality.  We fell in love with her.


Thank you so much to all of the people who helped make this trip possible.  We witnessed the hand of God once again!